Emelita Street School Parent Update

Online Tools:

  1. Shape Poem
  2. Postcard Creator
  3. Acrostic Poems
  4. Word Search Creator (Learning Planet)


  1. Create a Graph
  2. Jig Saw Doku
  3. A Math Dictionary for Kids – animated, interactive dictionary that explains over 500 mathematical terms

Research and Homework Helpers:

  1. World Book Online – enter the number on the back of your library card to login
  2. Fact Monster
  3. Word Central - dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming words
  4. Enchanted Learning

Language Arts:

  1. Bookwink – Search for books to read by grade level, author, title, or subject.  Also has video previews!
  2. Recommended Literature Search – CA Department of Education
  3. Authors and Illustrators on the Web
  4. Shel Silverstein – listen to him read his own poems
  5. Daily Buzz Word – learn a new word each day!
  6. Wacky Web Tales – practice parts-of-speech with fun mad-lib tpye activities
  7. Kids Reads – great book suggestions and fun links


Kids’ News Sites

  1. Scholastic News
  2. Time for Kids