Emelita Street School Parent Update

Internet Safety Meeting with Dr. Andy Mars

The World Wide Web Can Be Wonderful & Worrisome

Does your child leave your home while at home, entering the World Wide Web?

  • Is your child safe out there?internet saftey
  • Come learn how to make sure that your child is as safe as possible while surfing the web.
  • Find out how to best navigate internet choices for your child.

 All parents are welcome for this opportunity to educate ourselves about the world we live in and how it impacts our children’s lives.  This is a unique opportunity to gain insight into a very important topic.  Come join us as we look into the world of Internet safety with an informative guest speaker Dr. Andy Mars

  •  Date:                               Tuesday March 23
  • Time:                                       6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.
  • Location:                          Emelita Elementary Auditorium
  • Special Guest Speaker:        Dr. Andy Mars

We are lucky to have this respected Ph.D. in Education, who has for the last decade and a half been highly sought after to speak on this and other such issues around the country, now based right nearby in Tarzana.

 Dr. Mars specializes in the wholesome and holistic development of children.

 He runs a vast array of programs for children, and you can find out more at .

***Please tear off and return to the school office to RSVP***


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